What's with barcode stickers on cars?
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From time to time I will see a vehicle with a Barcode sticker on the rear driver side window. I live in SC and have seen them in FL/GA as well. These cars do not seem to be rental cars. What is this Barcode sticker used for?
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Here in PA, the bridges from NJ to PA in the Philadelphia area offer a discount if you buy a monthly pass. You affix a barcode to your window on the driver's side, and a scanner reads the barcode as you pass through the toll.

It's a sort of lower-tech, old school EZ-Pass.
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I know people who were issued them by their employer. Some kind of parking pass/permit thing...
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Also, it could well be a rental car. Most rental cars don't have anything on them that says "this is a rental car" after all.
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My car has one. It lets me drive through the gate of my apartment complex.
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In Florida, we've had laser-read barcodes for yearly or monthly toll payment for longer than we've had Ez-Pass (RFID) style toll payment. At least since 1990.
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Rental cars usually have them, particularly in areas where obvious rental car markings may as well say 'carjack me' or 'steal me.'
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Mine for the toll to get onto the beach. Much quicker than finding change.
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