Find wooden Rocky in Tokyo and save Santa's reputation
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Can anyone suggest a specialist "Thomas the Tank Engine" store in Tokyo, which has an extensive range of Wooden Thomas toys? Hopefully one stocking the Wooden Thomas "Rocky".

Rocky from the Wooden Thomas line is not to be found in Australia, so I am hoping to find one in Tokyo between now and Thursday. I'm planning to visit the large toy store Hakuhinkan, but if my experiences in Yokohama (department stores and Toys-R-Us) are anything to go by, they will have about 3 wooden Thomas toys. Are there any other good toy shops that carry a wide range of the Wooden Thomas toys? (I've mostly seen the plastic Japanese range (Tomica?).)
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> Hakuhinkan

If Hakuhinkan doesn't have it nobody will. Just IMO.
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Well, you don't say where you are in Tokyo, but no matter where it is, you're probably a less-than-30-minute JR train from ThomasLand at Fuji Q Highland, which is a Thomas the Tank Engine theme park. It has, if I recall right, one heck of a gift shop.

I bought a couple odd trains there for a collector, guessing they'd be different than the usual.
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Fuji-Q HighLand is a good 2 hours from Shinjuku by limited express train, not 30 minutes, by the way. But that may be your best bet to find wooden versions.

There are, if I remember correctly, a few Thomas the Tank Engine (known as Kikansha Thomas in Japanese, incidentally) stores scattered around Japan, but I have a feeling that they carry Takara Tomy's plastic versions only.
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Well, I found one online, so it exists out there. Looks like it will cost 4200yen.

According to the site, there is a Thomas Station in the Tobu department store in Ikebukuro (東武百貨店池袋店). The address is:

Tokyo-to, Toshima-ku
Nishiikebukro 1-1-25


It's on the 7th floor.
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