original ray-ban aviators?
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Which pair of currently manufactured Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses are most similar to the ones first made in 1937?

The Ray-Ban website provides a *horrible!* user experience. Someone I was thinking I'd find a pair marketed as "The Original Aviators" or some such, but no dice. Wikipedia shows a picture of the RB3025 in black on the page about the glasses, but I'm pretty certain the originals were gold with green lenses.

Any Ray-Ban historians around?
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Really bad website.
Choose sun then metal frames and G15XLT (green lenses) then find.
RB3030 look exactly like the sunglasses my grandfather wore.
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They have a style called the "Classic", which I assume is, well, classic. It comes in gold with green lenses.

I have to say that the slightly updated versions of the classic are streets better because the lenses are not completely flat and you don't have to face directly into the sun for them to work.
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