Muji Chronotebook To Sweden?
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Where can I order a Muji Chronotebook and ship it to Sweden?

It seems like this wonderful creation is either out of stock, non-existent or simply "too precious to ship," as I got the impression when calling the NYC Muji store. Please help, I'm deeehehesperate.
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Go into Muji in Åhlens at Sergelstorg and ask them to order it from one of their other stores?
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I wrote to Muji US with a similar question not too long ago. Here was the reply:

"For the moment, MUJI products are available for purchase through our UK online store @ and Museum of Modern Art store in New York @ only.
I apologize for any inconveniences."

The Muji UK website is here: Muji UK
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Best answer: If you're not able to get to a Muji store, I'd be happy to drop by the NYC Muji that's a block from my office and pick up a Chronotebook for you and ship it wherever you like.

Email the address in my profile if you're interested.
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I think Iteki's suggestion is worth trying (although I guess going to the store in Göteborg might suit you better).
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Doh! I can run in for you on monday if you like, memail me.
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I think the generosity of strangers will solve this one, and I am not sure if they meant no-international shipping or just no shipping at all for this item, but in any case when there is no strangers around:


Real-life automatic forwarding address US -> Scandinavia.

The American-store-with-no-international-shipping ship to Jetcarrier facility in New Jersey and they forward it further to you in Norway/Sweden/Denmark. I have used them many times.

Again not sure if that solves this exact predicament but better to know about this than not.
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I'll be a crass bastard and ask, what's so spiffy about the book? It's fantastic design, but couldn't you find a really nice blankbook and stamp your own AM/PM circles in the center? Or doodle a different design each day? Why not bind your own?
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I was recently in Tokyo, where I found the Chronotebooks on sale for 100 yen (!!). Too bad I already gave my two extras away.

It might pay to ask around to see if anyone knows anyone in Japan?
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Response by poster: I even called the UK press office today, and they _never even heard_ of it. Isn't that at least a bit weird for such a potential super hit?
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