Titanium Necklace
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I'm combing the web for a substantial, well-designed titanium necklace from a reputable online store. Pickings seem slim, and googling turns up more chaff than substance. Simple link design with some heft and a T-bar clasp are preferred. Anyone here seen such a beast?
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There are some here, although I have never bought from this merchant.
posted by falconred at 7:21 PM on October 11, 2004

What kind of style/price? If you're looking for an alternative to silver/gold/pearls, Blue Nile has some Platinum Necklaces - but they're not titanium. There are some other titanium link necklaces here. I know people who have had great experiences with Blue Nile, but just found the Absolute Titanium link with Google.
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Looks like Amazon has some titanium link neclaces as well. Scroll through the first set of options to get to actual chains.
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This was a thread here on titanium (wedding) rings, but if you look through some of the vendor suggestions, there might be some that carry necklaces as well.
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Thank you, falconred and fionab - your assistance is greatly appreciated. I'd been eyeing the ones at Absolute Titanium - they are the closest to what I'm trying to find. Still open to finding something closer if anyone runs into others - a thick but simple chain in solid titanium. Price range around 200 - 450 USD.
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