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HALP! I am trying to plan a birthday party for two friends but am finding a lot of hurdles. Any suggestions that can accommodate ~20 or more adults in Manhattan (preferably), Brooklyn, or Queens for cheap?

The party is for two awesome guys who love good, hearty food. Some suggestions pitched so far:

- Dinosaur BBQ - no reservations available until January :(

- Daisy May's BBQ - reservations available but only for a minimum of $35 a head off of their special menu :( I can risk just having everyone show up without a reservation but with these numbers, that might not work out well.

I'm hoping for a place that's $20 or under per person that's not a bar or club-like lounge. Also, I strongly dislike Dallas BBQ. My group has also done Dave & Buster's to death, so no to that as well.

Thank you in advance!
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Veselka at 2nd & St Mark's?
Kind of a loungery, Eastern-European place. Great beet salad (and, incidentally, free wifi & open late).
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I live in Astoria, and there are so many restaurants here that could do this for you with pleasure (though it sounds like you're looking for "American" food, which would cut the list considerably). How do people feel about Czech food? You won't have to eat for days after going to Koliba.
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Mara's Homemade. My friends had their engagement party there for 27 and that fit just barely into their side room. There's also a main room. They had to set the menu up beforehand with Mara, which may or may not work for you, but was delicious for us.
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i second Veselka. There is a ton of different things on the menu, it is open all night, alcohol is served, and the diner-style of this place makes it casual and (most likely) able to accommodate a large party.
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