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How do I go about holiday tipping?

I want to do the right thing and leave a modest tip for the various service people in my life. This is our first year in our own house and I want to set in motion good holiday mojo.

But I am a little clueless about this..

Do you tip the garbage pickup workers?

Recycling pickup?


How much? How? When?

(Minneapolis area if that makes a difference)
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Best answer: I do. $20 each. Tape an envelope to the bin this week or next.
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Best answer: Recent article on the subject. Contains tips on tipping from the Emily Post Institute.
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I'd be wary of taping the $20 to the can myself - too many opportunistic early morning dog walkers out there!

I wake up early when I hear the garbage truck, give $20 per guy and thank them for all their hard work. Last year, I gave them a bottle of whiskey I had (I don't like whiskey) and - not that I did it for this reason - they picked up a lot of stuff "over the limit" when I moved that they wouldn't have done for my neighbor.

$20 for the mailman, too.
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$50 for the cleaning service and $50 each for the two gardeners.
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Five years old but still relevant: previously.
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Best answer: My dad will wake up early and head out and give each trash guy some cash - I think like $30 each, he hands it to them and says thanks. I know he's also given them a case of beer or bottle of alcohol before. The always seem really appreciative (so I hear).

I give our mailman at my office a gift card to the pet store, but just because I know he has a ton of cats and that's something he would appreciate more than cash.
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