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DecidophobeFilter: What do you hold to be a particularly accurate/helpful free online test to label/understand yourself and thus choose a "lifepath" or "value-set".

The sarcasm-loaded question against the legitimacy of these dichotomies, be it Myers-Briggs or Numerology, is probably not the best mindset to go into taking them, but that's why I'm asking what you, MeFites, believe to be worthy free online tests that you've found to be accurate, helpful, or whatever. It can be IQ, Career-oriented, EQSQ, etc.
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It's not free, but check out StrengthsFinder. I've taken a lot of personality/values tests and this is the first and only to truly impress me. Again, not free, but highly recommended.
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There's a new company starting called Path101, which currently has a personality quiz running for free.

It's mostly career oriented, so it might not be exactly what you are looking for, but, who knows, maybe it could help!
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