GTA area painter recommendations?
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Does anyone have any recommended interior painters in the GTA? Specifically, not that expensive, fairly quick but do a decent job (standard fare I'd imagine).

My wife and I just moved in and we would usually paint the place ourselves but, unfortunately, we don't have the time at the moment and we need it done in relatively short order.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Not to snark, but I read "GTA" as Grand Theft auto, the video game, and that you were looking for some customized game mod. You might specify what "GTA" you mean.
posted by orthogonality at 9:28 PM on December 2, 2008

That is what I thought as well.
posted by kosmonaut at 9:30 PM on December 2, 2008

Seriously, my reply was going to be: Which city are we talking about? Vice, Liberty, or San Andreas?

But, searching for "The GTA" shows that the poster is probably asking about Toronto.
posted by sideshow at 10:15 AM on December 3, 2008

Response by poster: Sorry, I meant Toronto. Silly of me. I added it as a tag but I probably should have handled the subject better.
posted by purephase at 5:33 PM on December 3, 2008

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