Linux Admin Company Needed
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I'm looking for an out-sourced Linux admin company to help us manage 4 dedicated Debian servers. We'd like to work with a small 24-hour on call company to support us with admin, tuning and trouble-shooting things when problems occur. Preferably with Debian experience.
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I'm not sure how much Debian-specific experience they have, but ANS Support did a fantastic job on a FUBAR Ubuntu implementation for me. I'm happy to report that my systems are currently un-FUBAR and purring like kittens. In penguin suits. Or something.
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I've consistently found good contract sysadmins over at Webhosting Talk. Check the person's references within the community; a quick search on their company name will tell you all you need to know because people aren't quiet when someone's given them trouble.
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er, metafilter jobs?
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