Are there portable satellite radio receivers?
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What with all the brouhaha over Howard Stern's move to saltellite radio, I've become interested in this service. But I listen to music almost exclusively on-the-go. So I'd only subscribe if I could listen on an iPod-like device. Are there any small, portable satellite radio receivers? I tried Googling, but I'm too ignorant about receivers to understand the results.
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Do you mean like walk-man style where you can walk around with headphones? If so, I searched around earlier this week wanting the same thing with no avail. The problem is none of the satellite receivers I found use batteries; they have to be plugged into a power source as of now. Hopefully somebody else here has found something better!
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Response by poster: Yeah, that's what I want. If they don't exist, I guess Sirius won't be getting my $12 a month. I'm sure they're weeping about that.
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There are rumors of a walkman-style housing for Delphi's Roady 2 for XM. Possibly out in December.
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Well, it's somewhat possible, but I XM radios really prefer "open space". Shoving an XM antenna in your pocket would probably let it still work (I've completely covered my XM radio antenna with my hand and it still works), however, turning an XM radio antenna upside down would probably cause it to quit working.

In the more urban areas where repeaters are installed, a portable XM radio would be much more practicable. However, in a smaller city, I think you would find reception in a portable device very spotty.

Just my 2 cents. I would be happy to see a walkman XM radio, though I feel it wouldn't be as good as an FM radio for ease of use for that form factor.
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You might look into something like this. Give it a few months, and there will probably be a StreamRipper for XM, allowing you to automagically capture songs off of XM and transfer them to your ipod.
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Oops, Howard Stern is on Sirius, not on XM. My bad - maybe there's a similar solution for Sirius?
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gd779, Sirius already offers their internet radio service "free" with a subscription. If you go to the sirius website you can get 3 days of their internet radio for free.
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There's already a ripper for the XM PCR: TimeTrax. The PCR has been discontinued and goes for huge amounts on eBay.
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How is the PCR discontinued? It's still listed on and everything? I was planning to get one. What up?
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