Taking my files back to the future?
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How can I transfer files from my emulated Macintosh Plus?

I have taken a liking to writing on a Mac Plus that I have emulated in Mini vMac. Is there a program that allows me to create a file with formatting that I can export into my Windows desktop?
My problem is not getting the files out (that is easy with the export progam included in Mini vMac) but having a modern format that has rich text.
Is there a program for the Mac Plus that will maybe export to a PDF or .RTF file, or .DOC (that has all the data stored in the data fork rather than the resource fork)? Would such a program still be avalable for free?
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I believe AppleWorks will export to RTF. I'm pretty sure that's what I used to move all Mum's old OS 8 documents to OpenOffice.
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