How do you use the front panel RCA ports on a Motorola DCT6400 DVR cable box?
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How do you use the front panel RCA ports on a Motorola DCT6400 DVR cable box?

Due to the setup of a wall mounted flat panel tv, I can't readily access the RCA inputs. Therefore, I'm trying to connect a Nintendo Wii through the front panel RCA inputs on a Motorola DVR (model DCT6400). Intuitively, I think it must be possible, but I can't for the life of me figure out why it doesn't recognize the ports. Is another piece of hardware (RF converter box, or something similar) required in order to make it work, or is it perhaps buried somewhere in a menu setup I can't find?
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I think some cable operators disable the ports. I have no idea why.
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I'm a former technician for a TV provider that uses Moto hardware. I also use a DCT6400 myself. If the ports don't 'just work', then the overwhelming likelihood is that they aren't usable on your box.

Moto makes the boxes for lots of different providers, some of which want front-panel ports that work. So Moto makes the chassis as uniform as possible, and configures the internal hardware to each provider's specs. If the provider doesn't pay for working front-panel ports, they don't get hooked up.

That's how it is with mine from Shaw. Call your cable provider to be certain. I'm sure the techs there know off the top of their heads and bitch about it constantly.
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