Shinichi Hoshi--Any Ideas?
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I'm trying to find something--anything--written by Japanese science-fiction writer Shinichi Hoshi. He's published several novels and collections of short stories, and some have been translated into English, but I can't seem to find any, anywhere! Amazon? Nothing. Ebay? Nada. Scribd (illegal, I know, but . . . ). Zip. Anyone have any ideas where I can find something?
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There's some on Abebooks, scroll past the German stuff.

Or you might have luck finding something in a nearby library on WorldCat.
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To clarify, you're looking for English-language versions, correct?
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The Best Japanese Science Fiction Stories (only contains one).
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Wikipedia et al list his biography of English-translated works as follows:

* The Spiteful Planet and Other Stories, Japan Times, 1978
* There Was a Knock, Kodansha, 1984 ISBN 4-06-186003-8
* The Capricious Robot, Kodansha International, 1986 ISBN 4-7700-2212-3
* The Bag of Surprises, Kodansha International, 1989 ISBN 4-7700-2229-8

And per my search, these titles are widely available at libraries (predominantly university libraries) across the country, as well as for a steep price used, as the previous poster mentioned.

Note that this represents but a fraction of the innumerable volumes available in Japanese.

I don't know how well these read in translation, but if you can pick them up, you are in for a treat.
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I own some Japanese language Hoshi Shin'ichi paperbacks, compilations of short scifi stories and one about 'famous personages from the meiji era'. I get the idea that you are into English translations, but if you want to read them in Japanese, I will send you one if you mefimail me. If you don't read Japanese, I won't send you one as they won't do you much good and are useful for reviving my crusty reading skills when I have the time ;) FWIW, I bought some of them at Book-Off in Japan, and at least one at a Book-Off in southern California.
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