Where in Chicago is Sweet Hot Mister Mustard?
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Where can I find Sweet Hot Mister Mustard in Chicagoland (preferably the western 'burbs)?

Sweet Hot Mister Mustard is the best. Our grocer carries Hot Mister Mustard (also very good), but for whatever reason does not carry Sweet Hot. The last time I encountered it - on vacation in Michigan - I stocked up, but now I'm out.

Does anyone know of a place in Chicagoland where I can find Sweet Hot Mister Mustard? The western suburbs are preferred, but I'll go where I need to. And I thank you.
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I'll be watching this thread with interest. I first saw Mister Mustard stocked at an O'Malia's in Indianapolis and found it absolutely delicious. I do not recall if they had the Sweet Hot variety, but since moving to Texas I haven't been able to find either version anywhere.
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Most grocers are happy to special order things for you, especially if they already carry other products in that line; have you asked?
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Woodman's carries the Mister Mustard brand.
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