Mac Word 2008 TOC Issues
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How can I get Mac Word 2008 to display additional heading levels (below 3) in my table of contents?

I recently upgraded to Mac Word 2008, and there are many nice features, particularly the fact that it crashes much less frequently. But the way the TOC system works is making me crazy. I need the TOC to pull Heading levels 4 & 5 automatically and can't figure out how to do that. Of course everything online is targeted to older Word versions. Help is much appreciated.
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PS I've also tried updating Heading 4 to be "level" 3 but that doesn't take.
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I can tell you how to do it in Word 2007 for Windows. Maybe it will help?

Make sure you're on the Home tab.

There is a box called "Styles", and in the bottom right corner of the box is an arrow that will open the styles pane on the right of your document window. Click that arrow.

At the bottom of the Styles pane is the "Manage Styles" icon (3rd icon from left). Click that to open up the Manage Styles dialog window.

Click on the Recommend tab. In the box listing the styles, scorll down to the styles you want to display. The TOC styles you're interested in should be displayed in a light gray font, with the words "Hide Until Used" after them.

Click on the style(s) you want to show, so that it is highlighted. A little farther down on that window is a series of three buttons under the words "Set whether style shows when viewing recommended styles". You want to click the "Show" button.

Then click the OK button to go back to your doc.

Hope this helps. Sorry for the Windows-centric vocabulary. I don't speak Mac.
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Right click, 'Toggle Field Codes', change the '1-3' to the number of the headings you want, in your case '1-5', right click again, 'Toggle Field Codes', update table.

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