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Recommendations for cat-sitting services in Oakland?

I would prefer someone who can come to my apartment while I am out of town but if you know of a particularly good boarding service, I'd be happy to hear recommendations for that as well.

I only have one cat and he is healthy so I wouldn't need any specialized medical services.

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we have used doggy lama to board our chihuahua in the past. website says they handle cats as well. nice folks, reasonable rates (although prices for boarding animals are generally outrageous.)
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I used the Fetch service when I lived in Oakland. Worked fine and was reasonably priced. I can't remember the name of the woman they sent over but she was responsible and did a good job (apart from the the brochure she left on my counter advocating for a vegetarian diet for my kitty).
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No specific recommendation, but we've had good luck asking our vet to recommend folks. Usually the vet techs want to pick up extra cash and they're local.
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I asked a similar question about a cat sitter in SF two years ago. Someone suggest we call our vet, and we've used sitter they recommended twice. We like that since our vet is in our neighborhood, they recommend people who live nearby and are thus not likely to be unable to get to our place for unexpected reasons.
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Response by poster: Just in case anyone searches for this, I wanted to report that I found a pretty spectacular cat sitter through Yelp. Her name is Tiffany and she's a lovely Kiwi who really took care of my little guy (and sent me daily updates while I was gone). She has a website. :)
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