Leather Jacket Repair
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Where can a leather jacket be repaired near White Plains, NY? My son's new jacket brushed against a metal fence and has a clean slice in the sleeve. 2 tailors want to glue and stitch it, but I'm afraid it will look as if the jacket has a scar. Any suggestions?
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This is not exactly an answer to your question, but it might be relevant. You mention that the jacket is new: did you buy it within the last 90 days? If you paid for it with a Visa or Amex card and saved your receipt, you may be eligible for free accidental damage protection, where the card issuer will either pay for the damage to be repaired or replace the item.
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What sort of repair do you have in mind? It's not as if leather can be melted back together. Gluing and stitching is probably the only option short of replacing the entire sleeve or panel, and getting more leather of an identical color and finish seems extremely unlikely.
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I would take it to a good cobbler. They probably have more experience working with leather than a tailor does. It probably is unlikely that the jacket will look as good as new though, unfortunately.
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Best answer: FYI - I bought a leather repair kit at the auto parts store (of all places!) and was able to repair the jacket. It cost about $15, the tear isn't noticeable, and looks pretty darn good. Thanks!
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