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Asking for a friend... What is the (famous?) company that sells pre-cooked meals?

Not simply TV dinners, but fancier than that. She tells me they offer entire meals (for multiple people), or individual servings. Food is completely cooked, and just has to be re-heated. They also carry desserts. She believes they are as well-known as Omaha Steaks. And, they specialize in holiday meals. Any ideas?
(Sorry for the scant description. I'll try to pass more info along, as well as field any questions from the group.)
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Schwan's does this. They deliver once a month (or week? I can't remember right now) to your house and you get what you want, all frozen. It was delicious, but rather expensive, which is why we stopped.

I miss Schwan's.
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HoneyBaked Ham?
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Not famous, but Rawvolution does this for vegan food.
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Nope. None of these. I didn't think this would be a "stumper".
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Magic Kitchen?
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I have vague memories of my mom using Boston Market for holiday food in the late '80s. I think it fits your criteria.
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On the high end, Legal Seafoods will FedEx their stuff to you. (Mmmmm, chowdah!) But I, too, think they meant Schwann's.
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There are a zillion companies that do this. Maybe Harry and David? Better known for their gift baskets, I'd say, but they do also do turkeys and hams as well as lots of heat-and-eat hors d'oeuvres.
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Negative on Magic Kitchen as well.
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Peapod? Dinewise? Home Bistro?

Lots of local and chain grocery stores offer this kind of service, as well. Whole Foods and Central Market do, for example.

You're in New York, so Zabar's?
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Your friend might be thinking of A La Zing. They are now part of Omaha Steaks and have been re-branded as "Ready to Serve Complete Meals"
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Oh, if you're in NY I'll also throw out FreshDirect as an option too, but I doubt that's what your friend is thinking of.
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Seattle Sutton?
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Home Bistro
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