Where is the best place to buy strong magnets online?
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Where is the best place to buy strong magnets online?

I've found myself in need of some powerful (N40 +) magnets. I have purchased some in the past from the following website: http://www.supermagnetman.net/. Does anyone know of a better seller?

I like Magnet Man's selection of different shapes, sizes, and strengths, and the prices seem very fair to me. But lately the website has been unusably slow, and I've decided to see if there's a better (perhaps cheaper) distributor. The only problem is, I do NOT need them in bulk. I only want to buy a few magnets at a time.

Thanks for any advice you can offer :)
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Best answer: United Nuclear? Interesting history to the company if you've listened to much AM talk radio about paranormal and UFO stuff.
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Response by poster: AM talk radio about paranormal and UFO stuff? Can't say that I have.

But thanks for the link :)
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yeah, i was going to suggest united nuclear for the TERRIFYINGLY strong magnets.

for magnets that are merely Very Strong, try american science and surplus
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Response by poster: Yeah reading some of the warnings on United Nuclear is quite frightening. However, their website is very easy to browse - no clicking necessary. And the magnets are sometimes stronger and cheaper than Super Magnet Man's.

American Science and Surplus is interesting, they offer a lot of basic supplies that I can benefit from. Thanks for that link as well. But those ambiguous product titles are just annoying.
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If you're from Europe (or other readers who might happen upon this thread later are), I'd recommend Supermagnete.de. They're a Swiss company, but ship to Germany, the rest of Europe and elsewhere in the world (excluding the USA, Canada and Japan). I've ordered magnets from them several times and was very happy with them. They often give you some additional magnets for free! :-)
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I use and love WonderMagnet.
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Oh, here's the link to Wondermagnet's catalogue.
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amazingmagnets.com is another supplier I've encountered. I've never done business with them myself though.

(Also, ♥ American Science & Surplus / Jerryco!)
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I bought my N40s from Amazon and was happy with them for small purchases.
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For selection, quality, and an easy-to-parse site layout, I highly, highly recommend K&J Magnetics.

Huge variety of shapes... quality magnets (up to n52!), great data-sheets, and good service and turnaround time. Prices are on the low side of average--but quality magnets, and a good and honest description, are assured. As per your stated preference, single magnets/small numbers of magnets are available without any kind of enormous markup.

I've ordered from them 3-4 times and have always been satisfied. I had occasion to ask the owner (not remembering his name at the moment) for insight into a solution to a particular problem once and found him to be refreshingly responsive, and very passionate and knowledgable about magnets. He knows his shit, and is exactly the type of person I'd like to do business with, regardless of the product or industry.
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Lee Valley Tools rare earth magnets are very strong.
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Response by poster: I was very happy with the service an selection available at United Nuclear. I highly recommend it to anyone else looking for powerful magnets.
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