Super-configurable javascript calendar picker?
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Does anyone know of a Javascript/DHTML date picker (or calendar widget, or whatever you want to call it) that allows you to configure it so that only specific date choices are available? Specifically, I'd love to find one that lets me set its configuration such that only the first or third Mondays of the month are clickable, or other restrictions similar to this. Any thoughts?
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jQuery UI's datepicker can do this easily. There are a bunch of demos on the linked page, from which you should be able to easily make the tweak you're looking for. I saw one demo on this page where weekends are not selectable; you should be able to hack that up to do what you want.
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Coming to recommend jQuery as well. Check out the doc page, it does everything and then some and really isn't that complicated.
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I think you could probably get this done easily with extjs, too, if jQuery isn't your thing.
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Hint: If you include jQuery and jQuery UI from


instead of installing them locally and serving them yourself, you'll save your bandwidth, and your users' time, since many people have these files cached already.
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