"My work here is done..."
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"My work here is done." He/she said at the end of every episode, as they walked away to the next challenge... It could have been the A-team, but it's too lonely, or Knightrider but it's too morose; it sounds so familiar, but I cannt find anything about it. I'm starting to think I'm just imagining it, maybe it's a TV show which should have been made, but never was...

Hive mind! Somewhere in the collective memory there must be some record of this?
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I too would like to know if it is one of those real or imaginary lines as I seem to use it at the end of far to many social occasions.

Leonard Nimoy says 'My work is done here' it at the end of the Marge vs the Monorail episode of the Simpsons which may have put it into common useage..?
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Pretty sure you're thinking about The Lone Ranger. It was right about the time he'd give someone a silver bullet.
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Niecy Nash on Clean House always says "our work here is done."
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I don't know, but Tyres says that at the end of the Spaced episode where they all go clubbing.
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If I remember correctly, somebody says it at the end of UHF too, but I imagine it's a reference to something else.
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Probably not what you were thinking of, but I believe the Wonder Pets say the following at the end of each episode:
Our work here is done.

To the Flyboat?

To the Flyboat.

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