Science fiction whodunnit competition?
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Please help me remember this movie/contest.

Some time in 1985 there was a (worldwide?) contest sponsored by Mobil where to enter the contest, you had to watch a whodunnit film on television and figure out who did the deed. The film was science fiction and someone was murdered (on a space station, I seem to recall an airlock sequence).

And that's about all I recall. I don't know how long the contest went on for or when the resolution of the contest/movie was broadcast, but I want to know if A) this really happened and B) what the name of the movie is.

I want to say that Jane Badler was in it but perhaps my memory is conflating this science fiction contest with "V"?

I just found this similar question but the answer doesn't seem to match my memory at all. So perhaps there was a similar event in different parts of the world?
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Murder in Space.
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Excellent. Thanks, Knappster!
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