Is Activesync gonna screw me up here...?
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ActivesyncFilter: Syncing fritzed out about 6 weeks ago or so (error 85010014). Been keeping calendar data current in Outlook 2007; contacts, tasks, etc current on mobile device (Windows Mobile 6.1). I gotta get 'em talking to each other again. Deleted device's Activesync profile on PC (C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\Microsoft\ActiveSync\Profiles). PST backed-up, PIM backed up. Will they talk nice if try to sync 'em up again, or will my data get overwritten, duplicated, whatever...?
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Not sure, but Ive had similiar issues and I dont believe I got any duplicates after I got it working again.
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Are you using Exchange? I ask because I have had this error twice in the last week, and each time I cured it by using Exchange webmail to move emails one-by-one to a non-synced folder, until I found the offending email.

In both cases, the problem was attributable to innocent looking emails from one correspondent of mine. I am not sure whether the problem is caused by the fact he uses Dutch language or he is forwarding emails from Sharepoint, but it seems that ActiveSync for Exchange is jamming up over some problem with some single items.
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