Ground+Ocean+Ground freight from the USA to Pakistan?
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I need to find a freight forwarder that can arrange all of the details for door-to-door shipping of a 20' x 8'6" ISO standard cargo container from the west coast of the USA to Pakistan.

I am doing some consulting work for a firm that needs to have a 20' cargo container shipped from a US west coast origin to Pakistan. The container will be a very standard 20' x 8'6" dry cargo unit picked up from an origin along the I-5 freeway. The freight forwarder should have a strong track record of successful operations in Pakistan and at least Urdu speaking staff member.
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The usual option (at least when we ship goods from Europe to Pakistan by boat) is to have the goods picked up at our site, and transfer responsibilty to the receiving client after the goods are unloaded from the vessel in Karachi. The receiving party handles everything else in Pakistan, including customs etc. So instead of door to door it would be door to receiving port.

We have good experience with having our agent that handles all our inbound sea and air shipments (for custom clearance etc) from Pakistan also handle our (less frequent) outgoing shipments. Probably not the cheapest option though but reliable.

Please PM me if you need details for a PK company that we have worked with for a few years.
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