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Any decent Slashot/Kuro5hin-style CMSes you know of? I'm looking for a BBS/news/threaded discussion software package that's a) still actively maintained and b) not a nightmare to install and administrate. Thanks!
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By "-style" are we supposed to assume you don't want to use the two specific applications(Scoop and Slashcode respectively) behind each of those sites? (Or are you just not aware of them?)
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Gah. Order of the apps is backwards. Sorry.
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Yes. Because Slashcode is a bitch to install and maintain and Scoop is not actively developed anymore as far as I can tell.
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I was playing with phpnuke recently and its pretty simple to install and administrate. It looks like its still being maintained.
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Drupal yes
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More love for Drupal.
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Drupal indeed.

Please steer clear of *nukes.
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