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San Francisco Doctor Search Filter. Semi TMI but SFW inside.

I'm looking for the following doctors in San Francisco. I have Blue Shield PPO and prefer the Post Street / Sutter Street doctor corridor, but can travel if necessary. Here are the docs I need:

Primary care doctor. I need basic stuff like annual flu shot and pap smear, SSRI refills. Would really really like someone who does the ear wax irrigation thing. Woman a plus but not necessary.

Rheumatologist. I have the very early stages of psoriatic arthritis but no rheumatologist yet.

Psychiatrist. For medication only. Just need a check up on my prescription every two years or so.
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I had a gyn I liked a lot when I had Blue Shield - Dr. Leslie Kardos.
I actually had a good primary care doc too. She's at Davies - Dr. Toby Dyner.
MeMail me if you have any questions about them.
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For what it's worth - I'm not crazy about Dr. Kardos. I'm currently searching for a replacement. When I was in labor another woman in her practice ended up spending a lot of time with me - I really liked her - Dr. Julie Huh. I have always preferred women as doctors but my primary care guy is a well, a guy, and I love him like family. Dr. Stephen Knox is at the Davies CPMC campus at Castro and 14th. I can't say enough good things about him.
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I've been really happy with Dr. Thomas Madland. 490 Post St # 1112. (415) 781-5333

He's both my primary care physician and gynecologist. Very considerate and thoughtful, takes time to answer questions, and is generally a very nice and gentle person. I also really like that if I'm willing to go during the workday I can usually get an appointment fairly soon (unlike a previous doc who wanted me to wait SIX MONTHS for a pap smear).
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I have Blue Cross PPO and recently joined the Metropolitan Medical Group. It costs $99 a year to become a patient, but I feel it's more than worth it. I only had to wait a week for my initial appointment with my PCP (if you're willing to see a PA you can get in much sooner), and almost all the clinicians are among the highest-rated on Yelp, if that matters to you. I see Dr. Jade Schechter and I've been very happy with her. Here's their website.
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