How to create an interest-based survey that groups users/discussions based on matches?
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I'm looking for help in finding good examples of interest surveys for social sites that match a user to a group/other users based on interest survey results (very much like StumbleUpon process but its focused on matching sites I might like). I'm looking for best practices, too, to decide on hierarchy structure (what is a considered a top level and second level category).

The idea is providing ~30 "top level" interest areas that also allow a user to go deeper, if they choose, to sub categories that are more specific. (Example 1: top level category Entertainment, subcategories celebrities/gossip, gaming, internet, movies, music, books, etc. Example 2: top level category TV shows, subcategories Family Guy, Heroes, the Office, Dancing with the Stars, etc). Once a user selects their interests they will be matched to other users/ discussion groups based on matches with other users. Any examples of sites that do this (other than StumbleUpon, which does a great job) are greatly appreciated.
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OKCupid, in a way.
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