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Would it be better to melt these rings down or just sell them?

I know questions have been asked before about what to do with unneeded wedding/engagement rings, so this isn't quite that. I have a wonderful wedding ring set that includes a platinum wedding band set with small diamonds and a platinum semi-mount (engagement ring without the center stone, although it does have some small diamonds set into the band and intricate metalwork). Both rings have been appraised at about $4000 together.

I realize fully that in selling the rings that I won't get anywhere close to this amount, but I'm also a little apprehensive about selling them anyway, because I'm not quite sure what the best avenue would be to do this (ebay looks pretty flooded and I'm not a jeweller) and because there is no center stone on the engagement ring. Incidentally, I need a wedding ring. I can't use the ones I have (the reason why is completely irrelevant, but it's strictly sentimental, not because there is anything wrong with the rings). I've heard that you can bring in jewellery to some jewellers and they will create a new piece from them, but so far I've had little luck in finding someone who will build a mounting out of my old platinum and set it with a gemstone rather than a diamond. Before calling every other jeweller in town and wasting their time and mine, I ask for any information or advice you might have: Would it be better to try to to just sell the rings, or to have a jeweller melt down the rings I have and use that metal to create a new ring? Will anyone even do this? It really boils down to whether or not the worth of the platinum as a metal will be worth more towards a new ring than the money I could get simply from selling them. I also realize that me simply purchasing from a jeweller this way will be more costly than if I bought a second-hand ring myself, but I'm hoping someone has some information or advice I haven't considered.
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I think you should sell them as-is and then get a fresh one for yourself.
Someone might love your rings the way they are, diamonds an embellishments included, and that would bring you a higher price than just for metal+stones. You should find out the metal value of your rings (likely to be lower than that appraisal) and then make sure you get that much or more from the sale.

If you want a new ring for sentimental reasons, it might be good to have a new new ring anyway.
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