Want to play Dead Space widescreen on a normal monitor.
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Want to play Dead Space widescreen on a normal monitor.

I'm currently playing Dead Space on a regular standard LCD monitor at 1280x1024. Because of the tight FOV, I get a bit dizzy after a while so I would like to play this on a widescreen setting to get more views in (ex: 1280x720).

I've tried the "Manage Custom Resolutions" in the Nvidia Control Panel with no luck, using the latest drivers — all it does is it stretches the views. What I'd like is to have top and bottom black bars so that it is a true widescreen view without the stretching on my standard monitor.

Are there any software or registry hacks out there to enable this?
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Is there an option to play the game either in a window or full-screen?
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What you really need is fixed aspect-ratio support in your monitor - check in the display menu for a 1:1 or fixed-aspect option. Otherwise it will stretch whatever output your video card passes to full screen as you've experienced.

The other way would be to force-add black bars in the signal while still outputting it as 1280x1024 to your screen. Nvidia used to be able to do that on the desktop, using 'nvidia scaling - maintain aspect ratio' in nvidia's control panel, but last time I checked it doesn't work in most cases. The only game I've encountered that did this internally was 'Condemned' which forced a widescreen view even on 4:3 monitors, adding black bars if necessary.
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It can be in window mode, I've tried that and there are no widescreen resolutions available in the game menus once it is in a window. Also, the brightness option is also turned off once it is in window mode which makes things super dark; so this is not an option.


No luck.

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Any other hacks I can do?
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I think ArkhanJG is right, the display scaling is what you want. However, Nvidia has had problems with it, I only got it working after getting the latest drivers and using a DVI-cable. The option you are looking for in the control panel (in advanced mode) is "Flat panel display scaling", and then using a non-widescreen resolution.
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