Software to Manipulate Outgoing Caller ID, and to Whitelist/Blacklist Based on Incoming?
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I recently read there was software out there for manipulating outgoing caller id information. Can anyone tell me what it is? Also, is there any software out there that will manipulate incoming calls based on caller id -- ie, can I whitelist calls? Integrated with answering machines?

er, rather than "integrated with answering machines" I mean to say that I'm sortof looking for this honkin' unholy telphony package that I could basically use to manage incoming calls and voicemail.
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Beats me, but maybe you might want to look at this?
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I think you're looking for It only deals with outgoing caller id, costs money, and isn't software but rather a web-service... As far as incoming caller id, good luck. I have no clue.

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Some voicemail systems (including my cell) apparently automatically let one in without a password if you dial from the right number. Could they be fooled by caller id fakery, or do they rely on something else?
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>Could they be fooled by caller id fakery, or do they rely on something else?

They will rely on ANI -- that's the same stuff "anonymous" crime-stoppers uses (if you plan to call them, use a payphone). All 800 numbers have it, and I'm sure specialized phone services have access to it as well.

Anyone with a digital line, from ISDN and up, can manipulate caller ID to say anything. Personally, I'd like to change my number to 8008135. :-D
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Response by poster: shepd, asterisk might well fit the bill great as far as my inbound curiousities go! Where does one learn about what things like ANI are and how caller ID is sent?
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Perhaps a google search for "phreaking caller id" would be of use.
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asterisk is truly bad-ass. there are so many amazing things I use it for, it's hard to decide where to start 'splaining. I blacklist and whitelist incoming caller id; I set my outgoing caller id to whatever the hell I like; it emails me soundfiles of voicemail; if I get off my lazy ass I can make it act as a front door intercom and be able to lock and unlock the door from any telephone or computer in the world; etc. etc....

try starting with this wiki: voip-info and also voxilla (disclosure: I am vaguely associated with voxilla)
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