What sample is this from?
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What is sampled at the beginning of the Blood of Abraham song "Niggaz n Jewz"?

Is it from a movie? A clip from a movie about guy who doesn't want to stay at a hotel run by Jews?
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Here's a link to the song, first link on the page, just hit the play button.
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I don't know either, but I couldn't find it in that link. This one works and it's kind of bumpin'!
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The wikipedia entry for Blood of Abraham claims that "its opening sample was an actual recording of the ravings of a Ku Klux Klansman", but they don't cite a source of that. And you've got to sort of wonder how one gets one's hands on such a thing.
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I saw that too. But it can't be a spontaneous field recording of a Klansman because it's so stagey.
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Yeah, I agree. I don't think anyone has ever actually talked like that.
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I'm certain that sample is from a film I was shown in grade school, the year before I was bused. The film was--well, how to describe it? It was one of those films like Smoking Is Bad or Strangers Are Bad shown to kids in public school; this one was probably titled Bigotry And Racism And Prejudice Are Bad.

I've forgotten the actual title of the film, but the sampled clip was from a series of scenes which illustrated the stupidity and evil of bigotry, and the scene in question was a family on vacation looking for a motel. The father angrily stormed out of the motel office, declaring it unsuitable while his wife and son pleaded with him to stop being a bigot.

I later realized we were shown this film to prepare us for our big journey to the Inner City, and I suppose it had the intended effect of reminding us kids that Bigotry And Racism And Prejudice Are Bad, but we already knew that. The film did, however, give us kids a bunch of new swear words and insults, all of which were yelled out the windows on the bus ride home.
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