What kind of lights are these?
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What kind of lights are these? Can anyone give me information about these? I want to sell them but don't even know what to call them in the ad. There are video-studio-set lights of some sort. They all work. They're used but in good condition, so any input on what I could ask for them?
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if you post a picture with a better close up of the label you will probably get better answers. they are KW/2 fluorescent studio lights but without some kind of identifying name/nr it's gonna be hard to tell you any more.
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Here's the manufacturer.

I did a brief Google search, but didn't turn up much. Their website indicates they quote for projects, and it doesn't look like B&H is a retailer for them.

I'm guessing they are custom-built for niche projects, so I'm not sure how you'd price them.

Maybe look at the labels and bulbs and figure the wattage and measure the rough size of the instruments, and then find a comparable instrument on B&H from a different manufacturer. Then knock off a few bucks for being used.

How many do you have, where are you located, and how did you come about them? (I might be interested in them if you can figure out more about the specs and what you're going to charge...)
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You'll probably get better answers if you post a photo that you don't have to login to Facebook to see, too!
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It's certainly a KW/2 studio light - based on the shape, I'd assume it's a standard soft fill light similar to this: http://www.kw2studio.com/products/fill/1bl2.asp. Site doesn't list a price, but I suspect you could find this model or something identical on eBay.
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