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Fast-Food-Filter: How can I find the closest KFC restaurant that serves my childhood favorites?

After a sudden breakthrough in my internet searching (thank you surprisingly informative Wikipedia article) I now remember the names of my two favorite foods from when I was younger; Kentucky Nuggets and Chicken Littles, both from KFC.

I don't know if this is common knowledge, but apparently there can be a wide variation of what's on the menu at individual KFC's so much so that some mythical KFC restaurants may still serve my beloved Kentucky Nuggets or Chicken Littles.

So far the internet has revealed that the entire nation of Australia still has Kentucky Nuggets, as well as at least two US restaurants: one in Essex, MD and possibly one in Prestonburg, KY. Apparently there may be at least one KFC in CA that still serves the Chicken Little too.

My question is this -

What is the easiest way for me to get the Kentucky Nuggets (and/or the Chicken Littles) from my childhood back? Can anyone confirm or deny my internet findings? I'm ready to do some driving if necessary (OH, KY, and IN are all on the table).
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I'm pretty sure that KFC is a part of Yum! Brands. I'm not sure if this is a brand-wide policy, but I heard rumor (though I haven't ever really confirmed it) that Taco Bell, also a part of this parent company, has a policy of continuing to serve items they've discontinued. That is to say if you wanted something no longer on the menu you could still order it much later. Maybe KFC has the same policy and you can still order it?
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I don't have much of an answer to your question other than to say that I've heard things along the same lines of arimathea about continuing to serve discontinued items.

But I really just posted because I have to ask: was the title a YLNT reference?
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The title is a quote from Mike Meyers, playing his own father, in "So I Married An Axe Murderer." (most people remember that character for describing his other son's huge head as "like Sputnik- basically spherical, but quite pointy in places")
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That is to say if you wanted something no longer on the menu you could still order it much later.

I'm pretty sure it is all kept flash-frozen, so if they have a couple boxes in the back, I'm sure they would be happy to grease it up for ya.

(yes, I get the craving too...)
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Taco Bell continued to serve me delicious Chilitos until this summer. They'd been discontinued perhaps 10 years ago, but if I asked for Chilito they made it. I did this maybe twice a year. This summer they finally pulled the plug on the Chilitos yumminess. Damn you Taco Bell.

The moral of this story - ask at all the KFCs you pass.
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By the way, I confirmed this is a policy at least at Taco Bell which probably means it extends to KFC. But the caveat is, they have to have the stuff. So, for instance, the "chili" isn't at the mid-southeast region TBs, it's at the deep south region TBs, and so you can still order chili cheese burritos off the menu there in Atlanta (but I couldn't in North Carolina).
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