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My friend and I are going to see Robyn Hitchcock at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago tomorrow night, and I'm looking for recommendations for restaurants near the venue (4544 N. Lincoln ave). We're up for all sorts of food, nothing too cheap but nothing godawful expensive either. With those amazingly broad guidelines, does anyone have any favorite eateries in that area?
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I took fiddle classes at Old Town a few years ago and would go to Tank Sushi after class with a friend. Very reasonable and very tasty - although I admit we never actually had the sushi (she was a vegetarian and we'd go and order three or four small plates to share). The creme brulee sampler was TO DIE FOR.
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If you want German food, the Brauhaus is tasty and it can be an experience. I've also heard good things about the Thai restaurants across the street from the Brown Line stop. The sandwiches from Costello's are lovely.

Make sure you get to whichever restaurant you end up at early. I've tried to eat right before a show at the Old Town School and couldn't find an open table anywhere nearby.
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Opart Thai on Western and Leland is good and not at all expensive.
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I love that Thai place and the Essence of India place may be a little on the cheap side but I always thought it was delicious. I have never braved the Brauhaus.
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You can go to the Brauhaus (4732 N. Lincoln) for a beer afterward. It is like a time machine to 1975.
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I had a good meal at Trattoria Trullo once, 4767 N. Lincoln. A little off the path from where you are, Rockwells is a great neighborhood joint. 4632 N. Rockwell, a couple blocks west of Western at Eastwood.
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I have a fondness for the Pizza Art cafe just north of the Rockwell brown line station, inexpensive and tasty, though the service can be pretty leisurely at times. Really good pizza and neighborhood Italian food is also served at I Monelli, north of the square on Western. There are some good, inexpensive places along Lawrence west of the square; Isla Pilipina stands among them as being truly awesome, and I've heard good things about some of the various Bosnian and Croatian places studded along down to the river. As mentioned above, most of the Thai places in the neighborhood are pretty good too. Additionally, though it's probably on the low end by your criteria, give Nhu Lan a shot if you ever have a chance for some cheap, really good Banh Mi.
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Opart's great. Or try Pizza Art at Leland and Rockwell. A little longer walk, but great food.
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Opart Thai mentioned above is very good.
Los Nopales is very close and great for Mexican --
Cafe Selmarie is good for American/comfort food --
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note that Opart Thai is BYOB
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Hey, I live right down the street.

If you want German, skip the Brauhaus and go to Laschet's Inn. That place is awesome.

Jury's is another option. They're famous for their burgers.

Korean? Cho Sun Ok.

But honestly, there are a TON of restaurants right in that area, so if you just walk down Lincoln a bit, you'll find something.
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Seconding Cafe Selmarie.
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Seconding the Brauhaus. And if you see a little 70-something woman with curly gray hair at the concert rocking out to Robyn Hitchcock, that's my mom!
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Since no one else has mentioned it -- and it happens to be one of my faves -- Daily Bar and Grill is great for martinis and cut-above bar food.
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