Automatically remove certain items in Firefox history?
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How can I arrange it so that my Firefox history is automatically purged of sites of a certain domain like or

I don't know much in terms of scripting languages, but I won't rule that out as a possible method. I was thinking in terms of a greasemonkey script or a full-fledged extension, but a script that directly edits the history database file is OK, too.

I use Mac OS X with Firefox 3.0.4.
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Have you looked at the X-Mod add-on? It'll clear your history with one click. Of course, that's ALL of your history. It's not capable of clearing only select items in your history.
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There's an enhanced history manager that allows you to search for items in your history that contains a specific string, then you can delete only those. Alternatively, you can set up another profile, running "firefox --profilemanager", and only visit that site using that profile, and have the history purged upon shutdown.
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This software is not free (cost $23, I think) but I use it at the end of every day.
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Or, for those sites use the new chrome browser (google). It has a feature called "incognito window" and leaves no tracks for the sites you use there.
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Why not look into Firefox's "Clear Private Data" option? Just pick "Clear Private Data" from the Tools menu when you want to nuke your history (CPD has options of what exactly you can keep/clear).
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It's not automated, but the distrust add-on is effectively a privacy mode that wipes any history, cookies or cache that were written while it's enabled. (the wipe occurs when you close the browser or turn privacy off)
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