Bratz Rollerblades
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My daughter's birthday is coming up and we would like to get her some Bratz Rollerblades. Unfortunately, the only ones we can find are in the UK and Argos won't ship outside of the UK and Ireland. Is there any way to get these in the US? (Nothing on Ebay, US or UK version)
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There's an Argos around the corner from my flat. I'll buy some and ship them to you, if you like. Don't know how heavy they are, so this may or may not be viable.
posted by ascullion at 7:40 AM on October 5, 2004

ascullion: they shouldn't be to heavy.

Apoch: Have you looked at a target? I stocked the shelves there a couple months ago and I could have swarn I saw bratz roller blades, but I may have been confused given the enormous amount bratz sporting goods...
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You may want to check to see if the CPSC is why they can't be sold here. If the CPSC thinks they're not safe, do you really want your friend using them?
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Also, licensed character roller skates (inline or quad) are generally crap. If you want her to enjoy skating, I wouldn't get skates with Bratz or Barbies or anything like that. It's not much fun to skate in cheaply made skates. Step up a bit higher on the quality ladder, and get her something else Bratz to go with it if she's just really into Bratz.
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