I like to model.
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looking for a simple 3d-modeler [--->]

I am trying to find a simple 3d modeling program for my dad who is a paper and pencil artist (i.e. not super tech-savvy). Mostly something to be able to move a simple model of a person around and view it at different angles. I have the personal edition of maya, but that is definite overkill. Rendering and textures are not important, just a playfield to be able to work with a few premade models would be enough. Any suggestions?
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Bryce is a nice simple modeler, but it's more of an environment thing than a person thing. I know Poser is specifically intended for modeling people but I've never used it myself.
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I'd suggest Gmax. It's a cut down version of 3ds Max geared toward the production of game assets. It does not let you render out movies, and it might be a little more complex than you need, but the fact there is a huge wealth of tutorials for Max that cover the basics make it a good option for a beginner.

I haven't tried it, but Wings 3d is apparantly pretty good. This is a pure modelling package, so if your dad wants to look at some simple animations Gmax might be a better option.

I had some fun with SketchUp, but it is not precisely free.
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I second Wings 3d, which has no rendering machine but offers *great* intuitive modelling capabilities; and/or Anim8or, which is also relatively easy to use and incorporates not only a rendering machine, but also a solid character animation system (great for posing pre-made models, for instance).

Both are free.

This is a good place to look for other options (check their freeware section first for some truly awesome findings).
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Don't discount Bryce too much.

You could (in earlier versions, not sure about later...) import 3D objects from 3DS and LWO formats, position them, light them, and have a beautiful image. The good thing is that the interface is conducive to experimentation...
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I think bryce actually has a "person" primitive, that you can create with on click, but I might be mistaken.
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No, there is no "person" primitive in Bryce. "persons" in Bryce are usually imported from Poser.
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If he has a strong enough computer/graphics card, consider the game Second Life. It has a simple but powerful modeling system, and pratically infinetly variable avatar modeling ka-jigger.

It's got a free trial, then it has a one time cost of $10, with monthly fees if you actually want to own stuff in the game world.

(that's a referer link for me above, if you don't like that just go to www.secondlife.com)
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I played with MilkShape for a while, which I thought was cool. I wasn't rendering with it though, I was making things to import into a game engine.

Depending on what you're trying to do though, that might even be better - you get physics, flybys, animation, sound, etc...
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