tongue-twisting short story
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I'm looking for the title and author and anthology location (and url, if possible) of an amusing short story about a man who gives a cocktail party, and for whom the invited guests all have rhyming names. He spends the story answering the door, then introducing everyone to everyone else - which becomes an incredible tongue-twister. For example he finds Uma Thurman at the door,and is then forced to introduce her to assembled guests as "Uma, Irma; Irma, Emma; Emma, Alma.....etc, etc, etc." Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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The only bell it rings is "Uma, Oprah. Oprah, Uma."
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The only bell it rings is "Uma, Oprah. Oprah, Uma."

Which was a Letterman bit from the year he hosted the Oscars.
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Best answer: It predates Uma.

It's "Yma Dream," by Thomas Meehan, originally published in The New Yorker in 1962.

I'm pretty sure it's in the New Yorker humor anthology.

You can also find it performed by Anne Bancroft or Christine Baranski.
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Response by poster: Thank you Neroli ! That's it! The Baranski delivery is hilarious. I haven't listened to the Bancroft one yet. Thanks again.
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Coincidentally, Yma died last week.
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