How can I use 10k ft. of space?
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How can I generate some income with a 10k sq. ft space, only available three weekdays out of the week?
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Yoga/martial arts studio?
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massage studio?
posted by violetk at 12:48 PM on November 12, 2008

Can you give more information about the space?

For example: Is it indoors? What kind of location is it in? What is it the rest of the week? Can you move in furniture?
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consecutive days, or separate?
Does the space need to be kept empty, or can projects be left intact?
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Farmer's market? Lots of them move indoors during the winter.
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Part-time photographers needing a place to setup. Model shoots for example, or large items, that require some room for the drop cloth and lighting.
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if it's got bathrooms, rent it out for events? parties, weddings, fundraisers, etc
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Dance party!

Is it close to a hotel or airport? Boring conference space!

More ideas when you give up some details about the space....
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Dance/performance/rehearsal/meeting/seminar space?

Is it available only during the "day" or does availability go into the evening/night? What kind of flooring is there, and what kind of access is there to the building? (Everyone need a key, security guy at the door, buzz in, or is it open?) What's in there the rest of the week and does it need to be protected/watched? Can it be moved? What services do you have? Can tables or chairs on-site be used? Electricity? Lights? Sound? Can someone use it on non-consecutive days and keep stuff there? How's parking?

Sorry for all of the counter-questions, but these are questions that will be asked by anyone looking to rent a space.
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Remote control car track, AA meetings, indoor archery range
Put down some mats for little kids to tumble on.
Concrete floors would be nice to skate on.
Roll in some portable basketball goals / volleyball nets if the ceilings are high enough.
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Artist or music studio?
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At first i read this as 10 sq ft of space, and my response was to be "tiny, tiny artist's studio."

Anyway, as others have mentioned, the additional details of the space are as important as the dimensions. Lighting? Windows? Floor material? Are there dividers in the space, or is it big like a warehouse? What's going on during the time you can't use it?
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Banana Stand!
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Response by poster: I lease 10k sq. ft. on the second floor of a 50k sq. ft. building. My space is one big rectangle (oh, 3x1 or so ratio of sides), with 10-12 ft high ceiling. A grid of pillars occupies the whole space; 18 feet from column to column.

The floors are carpeted, and there is heating/air conditioning. There are 10 parking spaces in front of the building, and across the street there are 30 parking spaces that can be used. There's a freight elevator, and a loading bay out back.

I have thirty 6' folding tables, and fifty folding chairs. I also don't mind if people use the Wi-Fi internet, 52" TV, Wii, mini fridge, and microwave.

The space is available all day Mon, Tues, Fri, and evenings on Thurs. I'm at work the other days of the week, and not able to work from home (and not willing to quit just yet).

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Ok, so roller rink is out. Meeting place is in, be it for corporate meetings, AA, or boy scout meetings. Photography space, maybe. Artist's space maybe, but it's doubtful many would be happy about having to move their stuff. Practice space for bands and musicians. Yoga and martial arts are both in as well.
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I'd just put an ad in craigslist describing the space and its availability. Let the person who wants to use it decide how to use it.
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Rent it out as an incubator space for other business entrepreneurs. Setup some private/semi-private workspaces and give some basic office resources and have them rent it out.
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I might ask the landlord what other people have done with the space in the past. Enough partitions would be a way of maximizing it between columns (an investment, but one that might be worth it - think of AA meeting in room 1, yoga classes in rooms 2 and 3, etc.).

What do you use it for currently?
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Seconding martial arts. The dojo I belong to got the boot from its original location, and was in limbo renting spaces all over for a while until finally settling down into our current location. You might want to contact dojos in your area to see if any are looking to expand.
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