Easy remote assistance involving Windows 98 computer, in late 2008?
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Are there still any easy-to-configure remote assistance solutions where the non-technical end user is on Windows 98? Small sums of money may be available, but free preferred.

I had been a happy Fog Creek Copilot user for this purpose but they have withdrawn support for 98. It appears Crossloop was another easy solution, but the 2.x versions moved the minimum requirement up to Windows 2000. I haven't found a working link for the 1.x versions and even then don't know if it would communicate with a central server that would block it.

I'm a bit overwhelmed with the effort of finding other solutions and proving that they work with a 98 box at the non-technical end, so hoping someone has recent proven experience of the situation that they could share. Thanks.
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What about single click vnc? That might work for you.
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http://www.logmein.com bumped up requirements to ME as minimum but it has worked on several 98 desktops for me. The Free version could work for you. I'd put my best bets on VNC however.
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There's also the old versions of PCAnywhere. You can probably get these on ebay for next to nothing.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks. I will start with the single-click VNC idea as it's closer to what I already know.
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Response by poster: What I found, while moving around the website for UltraVNC Single Click, was an advert for the free TeamViewer, presumably based on VNC. This does the trick, and has a nice simple UI.
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