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QuickSilverFilter: After purusing this thread on cool Mac OS apps, I decided to try out Quicksilver. I think it's pretty darn spiff, but there's one thing I can't figure out. (MI)

I downloaded an Adiium plug-in, and I can't seem to get it to work. I asked on the official forum, but I didn't really get any answer I could use, or understand.

How do I encorporate Adium into Quicksilver? I have the Plug-in, but I can't get it to "Load into Memory." Try to be as user-friendly as possable, becasue I'm a total QS newbie.
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What makes you think it's a QS problem? I also downloaded Adium and it just plain doesn't work. It "runs" but the list of contacts is completely blank. After mucking with it for about a half hour, I trashed it. Others may disagree, but I thought it was junk.
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Hmm, it might be that, too.

Was it possable that you didn't have a anyone online, and had "hide offline contacts" on? I had a similar problem, and that was the culprit.
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Hmm. Didn't try that. The box was COMPLETELY blank. It was a window with only minimize/max/close dots at the top. Absolutely nothing in it. I checked their forums and mulitple people were complaining about it and the responses were "Okay, it's fixed!" and then people saying, "Um, no it's not." I just gave up.
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Well, I've sort of got Adium and Quicksilver to behave. QS is pretty nuts in terms of what you can pull off. (I think) You have to type your text first, then use the IM action. I still haven't figured out how to get it to target a specific contact.
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Hmm, I've had no problems runnng Adium for nearly two months, I've got three Y!IM, an AIM and an ICQ account online and running pretty much 24/7 with no particular glitches. Perhaps it's not quite ready for OSX.3?
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