How do you encourage comments?
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To encourage people to comment on your blog: The comments in a popup, or on the entry page itself? (And more generally, what design features encourage commenting?)
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Here is a really interesting article by Joel of Joel On Software about social software which includes an explanation of the author's decisions regarding comments and whatnot on his discussion board.
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FWIW, I prefer pop-up commenting features. They are (usually) instant -- if the "comment" link requires the page to reload to that specific entry, it can take a bit longer.
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I was thinking of just displaying the whole comments section below each post on the main page (er, the subsection page, not the front-front page). I'm just starting the blog (not exacly a blog, but the description will do), so the readership will be tiny; I'd change the format if/when it gets unweildy.

(Good Joel on Software article, by the way, though I've read it.)
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Personally, I prefer comments on the entry page itself. Reading and adding comments in a teensy little pop-up window blows.

You could also do the "click here to show comments" thing on the main page (not the entry page) that shows/hides a section with the comments right there on that same page, but it will add to your page weight somewhat.

Also, if you use Movable Type, get the "most recent comments" and "most likely to comment" plugins, so people can see in the sidebar of your main page what's been commented on recently.
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Pop-ups will be a constant headache, since people have various security levels enabled, various AV and swatter programs that all act in different manners, meaning, the popups will work for some people and won't work for others. I'm reasonably clueful, yet I once had a problem accessing a blog and it turned out to be my Google Tool Bar intervening.
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"click here to show comments"

That's an idea. So far I've successfully avoided learning javascript by obsessing over CSS, but maybe I should bite the bullet (or could I use the :active pseudoclass?). I'm using wordpress, if it matters.
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I hate the pop-ups and have chosen to have the comments appear on the entry page for my blog, But, still, as you've seen here, some will disagree.
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If you can, have a 'recent discussions' list of links at the top of the blog page to show entries with recent comments. And just a little friendly note encouraging people to comment will probably do more to get people to comment than whatever design you choose.
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Absolutely -- what space coyote says. People should know there's life in that there comment area. Sometimes, I add a comment or two myself from myself, just little asides that I couldn't fit into the main story itself, just to pull people in there.
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Do not ever use pop-up windows where a single window will do.
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I find it doesn't matter which system you use, if your content isn't interesting, you won't generate comments no matter what you code up.
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Cool; thanks, everyone.
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i try to encourage comments by responding to any that offer a reasonable opening for further comment. i also (often) email new commenters to thank them for stopping by.
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