I have some letters; will you trade me for words?
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What's it called where you take a group of letters and make words out of them? (Not anagram!)

Okay, this has been bugging me forever. I want to take a group of letters, and using the letters, make words. For example:


Gives me: Cab, Face, Cede, Fag, deaf, bee...

What's it called when you do this? Is there an online program to do this for you? (I run Mac if you have an OSX program to do this.)

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Best answer: I'm not sure if this has any particular name, but the Internet Anagram Server will do this for you if you select the "Show candidate word list only" option.
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scrabbling? combinatorial lexicography?
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Upon further thought, this doesn't do quite what you want it to — it assumes letters can't be repeated if they aren't repeated in the input string, whereas you seem to want to be able to repeat them if desired ("cede", "bee".) I suppose you could kludge it by entering a string like "aaaaabbbbbcccccdddddeeeeefffffggggg", but there's probably a better way.
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Response by poster: Thanks Johnny!

While that doesn't tell me what the name of it is, I can now do it!

Although, on preview, it doesn't do multiple letters.

But, doing "aaabbbccc..." is better than nothing I guss!

If anybody knows the proper name, I'd really appreciate it!
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Sites for cheating at Scrabble will do this, at least for 7-letter words and under.
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What you need is TEA. It's a program that my Scrabble-crazy dad used all the time (as did I when I was living at home. This doesn't seem to be the version he had but the chances of there being two anagram-solving programs named TEA seems slim so I'm assuming it's the same thing. It lets you specify a bunch of letters and if you put a semicolon in front it will scramble the letters and produce all possible words, including those made using only a subset of the letters. It also lets you output the results as a file and the command line version can be used in programs (never tried this -- that's what the website says). Hmm, it doesn't seem to be available for Macs.
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Not sure what this anagram-like thing is called. Mathematica would be another way to do it if you have it at work/school:

DictionaryLookup[("a" | "b" | "c" | "d" | "e" | "f" | "g") ..]

>> {"a", "abbe", "abed", "accede", "acceded", "ace", "aced", "ad", \
"adage", "add", "added", "age", "aged", "baa", "baaed", "babe", \
"bad", "bade", "badge", "badged", "bag", "baggage", "bagged", "be", \
"bead", "beaded", "bed", "bedded", "bee", "beef", "beefed", "beg", \
"begged", "cab", "cabbage", "cabbed", "cad", "cadge", "cadged", \
"cafe", "caff", "cage", "caged", "ceca", "cede", "ceded", "dab", \
"dabbed", "dace", "dad", "dag", "db", "dc", "dead", "deaf", "deb", \
"decade", "decaf", "decaff", "deed", "deeded", "deface", "defaced", \
"ebb", "ebbed", "edge", "edged", "eff", "efface", "effaced", "effed", \
"egad", "egg", "egged", "fa", "fab", "facade", "face", "faced", \
"fad", "fade", "faded", "faff", "faffed", "fag", "fagged", "fed", \
"fee", "feed", "feedbag", "gab", "gabbed", "gad", "gadded", "gaff", \
"gaffe", "gaffed", "gag", "gaga", "gage", "gaged", "gagged", "gee", \
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