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I want to import a youtube video on to my ipod. I downloaded a firefox add on that is supposed to convert the files to FLV as well as a download helper. A little icon appears on the bottom of the screen and it is supposed to download the video to my computer, but it doesnt work. SO I downloaded itube and something called ares tube but nothing is working!!!! It always says I doing it wrong? or is there an easier way to transfer videos to my ipod? Please help....and keep in mind, I am not technology minded at all.
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Best answer: There is a much easier way than the add-on you're talking about...

The following post has a Bookmarklet called "Get YouTube Video" that you drag to your bookmarks bar in Firefox (or Google Chrome).

Download YouTube Videos as MP4 files

When you find the video you like, click on the bookmarklet, and there will be a link in the upper right hand info box on the YouTube page that will say "Download as MP4 (right Click and select Save Link As)"

Save it (the video) to your desktop. When it's done downloading, change the filename to something you can recognize.

Open iTunes, and drag the video into your Library (I have iTunes copy items into my Library, so I can just delete the desktop video afterwards, since a copy is in my iTunes Library). Find the video in your Library (by going to "Movies"), right click the Video and select "Get Info".

Edit the movie info (Title, author, etc) to what you like. If you manage your iPod manually (songs and videos) drag it to your iPod. If you have iTunes manage it, plug in your iPod, select the Video tab, scroll down to "Movies", and make sure "Sync Movies" is checked. Go into the window and check your new video.

Sync your iPod.

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I use this program called DVD soft. I have found it really easy to use...
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Response by poster: yay! thank you. i have been trying to get a movie on my ipod for hours and this actually worked.
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Response by poster: now what about other video sites, like funnyordie?
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I use freedownloadmanager, never had a problem. Works awesome. I think it will do other sites too but I'm not sure.
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The reason the bookmarklet works is because YouTube has both FLV and MP4 versions of their videos online. FLV format is what you see in the browser, MP4 is what the bookmarklet downloads for your iPod.

Other sites generally don't have both formats available. If you want a funnyordie video, you can grab the video using a download manager like FlashGot but you'd still have to convert the video to MP4 format yourself using another utility. I've heard good things about Videora but I haven't used it.
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I've been using Master Gunner's suggestion for months now, but sometimes I get movies that are not in the iPod's supported dimensions (like 480x320). After bringing the file into iTunes, right-click on the file and select "convert for ipod" and then ditch the original file.
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Another option for conversion is MPEG Streamclip
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