Q: What's a pig's favorite Karate move?
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Can you recommend a great martial arts instructor for my 7yr old in the Northern Virginia area?

My 7yr old really wants to start learning martial arts. He has ADHD and his therapist recommends this as well. We're in Northern Virginia and I'd love to find an instructor who is great with elementary age kids. I'm interested in an instructor who will allow participation in weekend only classes because our schedules prevent after school activities.

Thanks for your help.

A: The Pork Chop.
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I'm not sure about NoVa but a friend of mine up in Silver Spring knows a lot of local instructors. Her own kids do martial arts (her youngest has something like ADHD too), and she's trained and been a trainer in various disciplines for many years. Meta-mail me if you'd like me to connect the two of you.
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