Best Distance Learning schools with Computer Science degree programs?
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Best Distance Learning Universities with Computer Science degree programs? Any recommendations appreciated!

I've been considering going to Troy University for my BA in Computer Science. Are there any other competitors that I should be looking at?

I've been to University of Phoenix and they are awful, high priced and don't care about their students at all. I'm 27 and need a school that I can complete entirely online. My main objective is to find a school that is well received and will be enjoyable, price and difficulty aren't as important to me as the caliber of teachers and or program is.

Thanks so much.
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Have you already looked at University of Maryland University College and Regis University? They are well-regarded, long-established programs and people I know who attended seemed satisfied with their programs.
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The best online colleges are local or state colleges that offer things online. I took maybe half of my bachelers degree courses online with my local state college and it was pretty good.

All the online courses where taught by teachers who had regular classes at the college also. If I was having trouble i was able to go down to the actual college and get help from the teacher.

Thats my advice stick with a local college for online courses.
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I'm doing an online CS program at the University of Illinois at Springfield. It's the same as the on-ground program, but online. They take 20 students a semester. My only complaint is having to take non-CS requirements, but that's at most schools. I find the cost reasonable as well.
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I agree that going online with a local college is a good idea, but some people just don't have the option. There is not an accredited school anywhere in my state that offers a CS degree entirely online.

I have no personal experience with online CS programs, but I've heard good things about Troy and UMUC. Note that Troy's degree is actually Applied Computer Science, meaning it de-emphasizes theory and focuses more on "practical" skills (this may or may not be what you want). Another school you might want to check out is Thomas Edison State College.

You may know this already, but you should only consider schools that are regionally accredited. A lot of online schools are nationally accredited, and they can engage in a lot of obfuscation to try to make it seem like the same thing. It's not.
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A friend of mine has been pretty happy with his experience pursuing a B.S. in computer science at Chico State, part of the California State University system.
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Don't think they offer an online option for undergrad, but if you want to get a master's afterwards, Stanford is a pretty respectable place to get that MS.

I'm applying to their part-time master's right now, which can be done entirely online in some of the concentrations. Part-time students are in the same exact classes as full-time local students, same professors, same assignments, same TAs, same everything. The only difference is that I don't have to go to class, with all the pluses and minuses that that entails.
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