The Button's Stuck and So Am I
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Election Night Emergency AskMefi- the on/off button on my Canon PowerShot A60 digital camera seems to be stuck, and the camera won't function. Any ideas? Yes, I changed the batteries....Thanks comrades!
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Best answer: Does it feel physically stuck or do you think it's stuck just because it won't turn on? I'd go ahead and open and reclose the memory card door, if it's open (or thinks it's open) the camera won't turn on. (I also have an A60.)

I can't think anything else on the top of my head other than just gently whacking the button or other parts of the camera.
posted by skynxnex at 10:51 AM on November 4, 2008

I've got one too, and the zoom used to stick when it was humid...or just beacuse....and then wouldn't turn on. I wound up unsticking it by jamming a tiny screwdriver (like for eyeglasses) into the zoom lens and popping it out...cause I figured it was ruined anyway.

Worked like a charm, and it doesn't even stick anymore.
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Make sure also that the battery is in right and the battery case is completely closed, if there's something stuck in the battery door somehow the camera will not turn on, even if the battery is pretty much in there.
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I'd try canned air, maybe something got lodged in there.
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Response by poster: skynxnex got it right out of the gate! Thanks guys.
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