Music festivals for next year?
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Any recommendations for European music festivals for next year?

As veterans, a number of us are looking at more music festivals abroad (mainland Europe) and we were after some suggestions. We've been to Dour for the last couple of years and really enjoyed what always seems a far more laid back affair than you get in the UK, so something along those lines.
Musically, as eclectic as possible - so the music of ATP in a Glastonbury setting sounds about right.
Not too worried about which country or the size, but extra points for some decent weather and being big enough that there's always something on somewhere would be great.
Cheers guys!
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I've been going to the Open'er festival at the polish seaside for the past two years. I usually get someplace to sleep in Gdynia or thereabouts. Last year's lineup was decent and the price is right. This year it's a 4 day affair vs last year's 3 day gig, but there's no info about gigs yet.
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Latitude has a reputation for attracting a lot of very good acts, and for its general air of friendliness. Of course, being in the UK, weather is entirely random.
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I went to one in Scotland this year, Hydro Connect, which was in its second year and had a pretty electric lineup (well, I thought so) - there's stuff from this years lineup over at - whilst the headliners were pretty mainstream, some of the mid afternoon bands were awesome - Camera Obscura? Yes! Friendly Fires? Yes! Grinderman and stuff...

Might be one to look into - it's the weekend after Reading and Leeds (last weekend of August / First of September)
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You might want to take a look at the Rocket festival in Grenanda, Southern Spain. I've not been the the organisers have a long history of involvement in the free/alternative festival scene in the UK. (Disclaimer -- I know some of them -- but they put on some hellavu good parties).
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I went to SONAR in Barcelona in 2003 and it was great fun if you are into the more Electronic music. a good mix of underground-ish Electronic and big name stuff: I think the headliners were Bjork & Ritchie Hawtin.

The SONAR By Day was more fun / intimate than the evening events which are like a rave in an Air Hangar.
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Hurricane, in North Germany is a good "straightlforward" indie/rock festival, nice atmosphere, fresh-faced crowd

Personally I found Open'er in Poland last year horrible - very tightly regulated, very commercial, very limited food and drink choices, all from huge companies, crowd was not particularly festive, lots of bimbos and aggressive drunks, and a very popular t-shirt stand with violently mysognistic and homophobic slogan tees. Sonne Mond Sterne in Germany is also one to avoid.

Would totally recommend Fusion, also in the north of Germany:
is independently run, leftish in spirit but not a "cause" fest, mainly but not exclusively electronic music, fab mix of live acts, DJs etc, nice site on an aerodrome with a woody bit, plenty of acts on right round the clock, tonnes of different food stalls and beers, cheap, even cheaper if you volunteer for a work shift, there is a more family end with juggling and facepainting etc through to a hardcore trance stage at the other end, lots of chill-out space with hammocks, as well as the music there is theatre and cinema and art installations and STUFF.

Benecassim in Spain is supposed to be good too, and very chilled.
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Electric Picnic in Ireland is worth checking out. Weather in Early September is generally alright (but as with any festival on these islands, you can't take it for granted!)
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As an aside, the Breeders are curating ATP next year and I'd say it'll be amazing! Own toilet and a bed as opposed to chemical loos and tents make it a winner for me.
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seconding mary8nne's recommendation of Sonar. I went in '02 and had a blast. It's not strictly a music festival (though there is a lot of music, mostly electronic); there's tons of film, sculpture, and new media there too. Barcelona, where it's held, scores high on both gorgeous weather and things-to-do-besides (check out the CCCB and the MACBA). Looks like in 2009 it'll be held from 18-20 June.
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Two additions (based on stories from friends):
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