Crystal glassware for my mom?
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What crystal glassware should I get for my mother for her 60th birthday and where should I get it from?

My mom recently told me that she wants a set of crystal glasses. Her 60th birthday is coming up so I figured my two sisters and I could invest in some in a set of nice crystal wine glasses for her. I've never shopped for crystal before and looking on line have found wine glasses that range from $29 for a set of four to $390 for a single glass.

Does anyone have suggestions on a set of crystal wine glasses that are less then or equal to $20/glass? Is that enough to spend (i.e. if I get a set of glasses that is $20/glass will her friends compliment her glassware)?

Finally, I am located in San Francisco and can find lots of places to buy glassware here, but my mom and sisters are located in Vancouver. Do you have any suggestions on places to go shopping for glassware in Vancouver, BC?
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Some good brands that aren't hugely expensive:


I have used each of these brands. The third might or might not ellicit comments; the first two are most likely to receive murmurs of admiration.
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Please forgive me if this is unhelpful, but I think you should buy these :

I'll take gluttony!
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And this time with a link!
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Riedel. I love my Riedel wine glasses. They're absolutely the perfect shape for the type of grape that goes in them.

Also, believe it or not, World Market (should you have one near you), has amazingly good wine ware for a third of the price of good crystal. I use stemless crystal from World Market for casual wine drinking because the Riedel stems are so long and I'm so clumsy.
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Metaculpa - perhaps not the most appropriate choice for my mom and yet somehow awesome.

WRT the Riedel wine glasses, when I think of 'crystal wine glasses' I think of ones that are have some sort of design. Does Riedel sell glasses with a design? What makes Riedel glasses better than other glasses?
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I think your mom would like 'em. You might have to expand the number of sins if she favors having lots of people over. You can add all the good vancouver sins: coffee, sushi, and rain.
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kechl, more info is needed to answer your question. What kind of designs would your mom like? Etching? Cutting? Metallic rims? Plain? (Plain is also a design.) Short stems? Long stems? Modern? More traditional? What kind of glasses would compel your mom's friends to compliment her on her taste?
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I must disclose I work in sales and sell 2 of the 3 first mentioned.

Riedel does not make traditional cut, pressed or etched glasses, rather they make "varietal specific" wine glasses, dejah 420 hit on this briefly, but to expand... If your mom drinks a particular type of wine, for instance Bordeaux, Burgundy in the old world or Cabernet or Chardonnay in the new world, there are specific glasses for the wine. There are entry level price points ($10 or so at target on sale) up to their hand made pieces that could be $120 or so per glass. "Vinum" is their most popular line and sells for around $50 for 2 glasses on sale.

Riedel also has a sister brand they won called "Nachtmann" that does pressed and/or cut crystal pieces (more design). I live on the east coast but traveling to San Fran, I know you can get them at Gumps... Spiegelau is also owned by Riedel and they make more modern, clean designs, without etching, cutting, etc. All three companies are made in the same factories in Bavaria.

Brands aside, you can still find pressed crystal glasses in the $20 per glass range. Cut glass will be more expensive as the process is more detailed. There are some really great knock offs of Riedel that are very affordable and work just as well. Either way, support your local wine shop or boutique if you can.
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